Legacy of Faith

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This new Heritage Press book contains letters, writings, and meditations of many brethren written down in the early years of the Froehlich fellowship in Western and Eastern Europe as well as in North America.

Those whose writings and meditations are included: Joseph Bella, Christian Blaser, J.A. Braun, Johann Diebold, Heinrich Dotterer, Peter Eichenberger, Samuel Froehlich, Heinrich Geistlich, John Gerber, Lajos Hencsey, Christian Hoerr, Adam Imthurn, Anton Knippilt, Kaspar Koch, Jakob Leuthold, Kaspar Leuthold, August Lung, G.M. Mangold, Jozsef Notter, Andreas Rapp, Johann Schlipf, a brother Schmidt, Heinrich Schurter, Johannes Unsicker, a brother Wälti, Benedikt Weyeneth, and Rudolf Witzig.

Brief biographical sketches are provided at the end of the book for each of the individuals listed above.

Each entry opens with an appropriate Scripture selection (often the central Scripture of the meditation excerpt) and closes with fitting verses from the Zion’s Harp. The book is also laid out in an optional but easy-to-follow weekly schedule that synchronizes you with other readers.

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