Sing Me A Song About Jesus CD by Calvary Quintet

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A talented group of five men blend their voices in praise to God. Many of the songs include 'rounds,' with each part coming in at a different time. In perfect harmony, these songs will inspire and encourage as you can't help but hum along and feel your spirits lift!


 1. Listen


 2. Cleanse Me


 3. Jesus Knows Thy Sorrow


 4. At The Ending of The Journey


 5. Shall I Crucify Him


 6. In the Cool Of The Evening


 7. Jesus The Very Thought Of Thee


 8. Jesus Immanuel


 9. Too Precious


 10. So Send I You


 11. My Faith Is Clinging To Thee


 12. Home Of The Soul


 13. God Is Great, Good And Merciful


 14. Over The Sunset Mountains


 15. The Lord Bless Thee And Keep Thee

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