Stories of Faith and Courage Vol 3 - Book

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True experiences of Apostolic Christian believers - 33 accounts depicting family and prison life of brethren during the World Wars and behind the Iron Curtain in Hungary, Yugoslavia, Romania, and the Ukraine, brought together in a historical context with maps  (8.5 x 11, 139 page soft cover book)

Read about life under Communism, miraculous border crossings, and newly-translated biographical sketches of Eastern European believers, brought together in a historical context with maps. Learn how our brethren coped with prison terms and wars in their homeland, and how God brought them through victorious.

Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.  2 Timothy 3:12
Is there really a purpose for human suffering?  Our minds suffer from loneliness, our hearrts suffer from despair, and our bodies suffer from pain.  We shrink at the very thought of it.
But deep and far-reaching is the suffering done for righteousness sake.  It has eternal rewards.  As you read the true accounts in this book, you will discover what suffering has done for God's faithful people.  Amazingly, they experienced great joy and were given untold strength and peace in the most difficult situations.
The attitude of the faithful encompassed the belief that suffering went hand-in-hand with a true life of faith.  They expected it, they understood it, and they did not fear it.  They said, "Let God lead you into suffering.  After all, didn't the Lord suffer for us?"
And yet from the lips of those who suffered comes a caution.  They tell us not to compare one person's suffering with another, but rather ask ourselves, "Have I stayed true to my Lord in whatever circumstances I have found myself?  May all who examine thse pages be inspired to greater faithfulness.

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