The King is Coming MP3 by Mountain Melodies



The third recording by this female group includes a cappella, piano, and trumpet in beautiful arrangements of The Family that Prays, Victory in Jesus, Along the Road, and The King is Coming.


 1. The Family That Prays


 2. Count Your Blessings


 3. He Will Pilot Me


 4. Crown Him With Many Crowns


 5. Blessed Rest


 6. He Leadeth Me


 7. Sing Me a Song About Jesus


 8. Love O Greatest Blessing Given


 9. Jesus Hold My Hand


 10. Lonely Road Up Calvarys Way


 11. Toward Home Unto the Heavenly Land


 12. Victory In Jesus


 13. When Peace In My Savior


 14. Great Is Thy Faithfulness


 15. Sweet Beulah Land


 16. Se Fiel Hasta El Partir - Be Thou Faithful


 17. Jesus Knows Thy Sorrow


 18. Along The Road


 19. If We Never Meet Again


 20. The King is Coming

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