Whatever Is Of Good Report Mp3 by Acapeldridge (Michael Eldridge)



DOWNLOAD MP3 - Sixth in the "Whatever Is" Series. Men's a cappella quartet with beautiful harmonies, and mostly traditional hymns.  All 4 parts sung by Michael Eldridge.

1. Holy Ground / We Are Standing On Holy Ground

2. Step by Step 

 3. Paradise Valley

 4. Praise To The Lord, The Almighty


 5. I Stand In Awe

 6. Rock Of My Heart

 7. Fairest Lord Jesus


 8. I Know Who Holds Tomorrow

 9. The Last Mile Of The Way


 10. When All Of God's Singers Get Home

 11. He Gives Us More Grace

 12. Tis Midnight And On Olive's Brow

 13. This Is My Father's World


 14. He Is In Our Midst

 15. Under His Wings

16. Rock of Ages

17. Close To Thee

18. I'm The One

19. Salvation Has Been Brought Down

20. His Grace Reaches Me


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