Zion's Harp CD by Andrew Klaus

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Hymns and variations from the Apostolic Christian Church hymnal - the Zion's Harp.  Digital piano with various instrumental settings.

1. Christian Greetings
2. The Lord My Light and Salvation
3. God My Hope and Consolation
4. Awake Ye Witnesses
5. Song of Praise for Redemption
6. The Coming of Christ
7. Christ the Resurrected
8. Praise Ye the Lord
9. Psalm 23
10. The Covenant of Grace
11. The Way and the Reward
12. The Incarnation of Christ
13. Christ in the Flesh
14. Approach the Throne of God
15. The Flame of Jesus Love
16. Jesus Lives
17. Lord Who Liveth in Thy Dwelling
18. Desire for Jesus
19. The Praise of God
20. Challenge to the Nominal Christian
21. Love Toward Jesus
22. Abiding in Jesus
23. Cheer Up Ye Hosts of Righteous
24. Make Me More Perfect
25. The Mediator
26. Exaltation
27. Once Again a Night Has Vanished

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