Zion's Hymns Hymnal

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  • Zion's Hymns Hymnal
  • Zion's Hymns Hymnal
  • Zion's Hymns Hymnal
  • Zion's Hymns Hymnal
  • Zion's Hymns Hymnal


Zion's Hymns, adapted from the Zion’s Harp, is formatted in shaped notes and includes an index of English and German first lines, authors and composers, scripture, metrical, and topical index and glossary. It contains 256 reverent, worshipful hymns that have exhorted, comforted, and inspired many Christians over several centuries.

This collection originated in the German language, published in Switzerland in 1855 as Neue Zionsharfe, and was translated to English in the early 20th century.

To learn more about the Zion's Harp, its contents, history, and translations, visit zionsharp.info.

256 hymns, shape notes, hard cover.

Print sheet music of a hymn without damaging your book in a copier by downloading the pdf of the book from zionshymns.info. The hymnal PDF is available in two layouts for your convenience: spreads (2 pages per sheet, landscape), and pages (1 page per sheet, portrait).

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