Boys & Girls for Jesus Album - Download MP3

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A capella adults and youth sing Children's songs, encouraging and teaching good behavior for children

1. Boys and Girls for Jesus
2. Let's Sing a Happy Song
3. You're Something Special
4. He Is The Way, He is the Truth, He is the Life
5. Jesus Loves Me
6. I'm No Kin to the Monkey
7. God's Not Finished With Me Yet
8. Give Me Oil In My Lamp
9. Say Yes To God
10. Why Complain
11. Put a Smile On Your Face
12. Let The Children Come To Me
13. I Wonder How It Felt
14. Obedience
15. Hallelujah!/Little Children Praise the Lord
16. Diamond in the Rough
17. Enough Love
18. In the Same Wonderful Way
19. The Lord is My Shepherd
20. My God, The Only God
21. Countdown
22. Into My Heart

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