Come Children Join in Singing CD by Various

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Songs our children love, sung in men's harmony with children's voices and sounds of nature.


 1. Creation


 2. Ill Be a Sunbeam


 3. Jesus Loves Me


 4. Jewels


 5. Praise Him All Ye Children


 6. Dare to be a Daniel


 7. Stand Up for Jesus


 8. Trust and Obey


 9. O Come Little Children


 10. What Did He Do


 11. Seeking the Lost


 12. Knocking at the Door


 13. Open the Wells of Salvation


 14. Is My Name Written There


 15. God is our Refuge


 16. Take the Name of Jesus with You


 17. All Hail the Power


 18. The Ship of Faith


 19. His Yoke is Easy


 20. Count Your Blessings


 21. Watch and Pray


 22. Just Over the River


 23. Twilight is Stealing

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