Exciting Events Vol 5 Audio CDs by Your Story Hour

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Your Story Hour proudly presents this fifth set of exciting dramatized stories in our “EXCITING EVENTS” series.  This album contains four historical stories, which includes two stories on the Underground Railroad, and two true-to-life adventure stories, which will inspire the whole family.

This Volume of “EXCITING EVENTS” from the past contains 6 dramatized, audio stories on 3 CDs, Narrated by Uncle Dan and Aunt Carole

– Each episode is approximately thirty minutes in length

Stories Included:

A Light in the Window A pastor's family rescues thousands of slaves escaping to the North.
Run for your Life A former slaves helps other slaves escape through the Underground Railroad.
The Day the Milk Jug broke A teenage girl prays for an opportunity to make a difference in someone's life.
When Angels Sang God directs a pastor to relocate with surprising results.
Emma Edmonds, Master of Disguise A young woman serves as a Civil War soldier and spy.
Elizabeth Fry, The Angel of Newgate A Quaker woman leads the reform of London's inhumane treatment of women prisoners.
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