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Fond Expectations provides a foundational outlook for Christian parents who are striving to "train up" their children in the way they should go. 170 pages

This ten-chapter book provides "a Christian parent's perspective on nurturing children."  In a culture that is becoming more and more secularist - and in many instances injurious to children - Fond Expectations offers advice and lists principles intended to help parents guide their children away from a multitude of ungodly forces.

Societal trends make raising children more difficult than during the simpler times of yesteryear.  The author strongly advises parents to implement the sound advice listed in God's Word.

The Bible teaches that children "are a heritage of the Lord."  The training of youth thence takes on a most crucial importance.  This book calls attention to a parent's solemn duty in shaping and directing their offspring.

In precise and simple terms, and with a strong biblical emphasis, the author covers a variety of topics that are central to the successful training of children.

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