Great Stories Vol 7 Audio CDs by Your Story Hour

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This 6 CD collection of extraordinary stories brings to life the heroes and heroines that helped shape a new nation. You'll enjoy these potraits of courage and determination in the face of adversity. Great listneing for the whole family. (Each CD is approximately one-hour in length.)

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Stories Included:

(CD1)PAUL REVERE -PATRIOT SILVERSMITH Early events in the Revolution, Boston Tea Party/PAUL REVERE AND THE ROAD TO REVOLUTION Incidents that led to open rebellion

(CD2)PAUL REVERE'S FAMOUS RIDE Revere's historic ride/PAUL REVERE AND THE SHOTS AT LEXINGTON The Revolution's first shots.

(CD3)ELI WHITNEY-BOY CRAFTSMAN Eli shows ingenuity and promise/ELI WHITNEY-MASTER MECHANIC Eli invents the cotton gin

(CD4)MARY JEMISON-GIRL CAPTIVE a young teen is captured by Indians/MARY JEMISON-SENECA SQUAW Mary grows up with the Senecas

(CD5)SYBIL LUDINGTON-GIRL PATRIOT a 16-year-old girl makes a dangerous ride to warn that the British are attacking/LUCRIETTA MOTT Quaker girl grows up and becomes a defender of human rights

(CD6)GOLD, LONELINESS AND LETTERS The California Gold Rush creates a need for more rapid mail delivery/THUNDERING HOOFBEATS The beginnings of the Pony Express

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