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Collection of poems typed from a handwritten notebook from departed Sis. Mary Amman of Akron, OH. 125 pages


The following collection of poems was written by Sister Mary Ammann.  She was a faithful single sister from the Akron, OH congregation who passed away in the mid 1900's.  

A spiral notebook of Mary's poetry was found among the belongings of retired Elder Brother Joe Ramsier after his passing.  Judging from the poem on the inside cover of the notebook, she would want them shared.  Efforts were made to locate family who would authorize this; however, to the best of our knowledge, there are no living relatives within the Apostolic Christian brotherhood and none in the area who would have an interest in the poems.

The poems, so rich in wisdom and spiritual insight, were too admirable to simply lay aside.  They have been typed in their entirety.  Some grammatical changes were made to improve clarity.  The poems in the notebook that were written by others have not been included.  The order that the poems appear has been rearranged to accommodate a concise table of contents.  Sis. Mary's poems seldom have exact titles; however, she sometimes put a note before the poem indicating what inspired the writing.  These notes are included.  Where there was no title, we inserted a short title that reflected the main idea of the poem.

We do not in any way intend to take someone else's work and publish it to our own advantage.  The price of the booklet is merely to recover the cost of the printing.  We give Sis. Mary full credit and she would certainly want God to be given all praise and honor.  Our desire is that those who read herein may find spiritual nourishment and reap the blessings of Sis. Mary's God-given talent as she brings her "heartfelt wish in words" that "perhaps some blessings some receive... when I [Sis Mary] am in eternity."

Linda Schar
Kendra Ramsier

1st Printing - November 2001

The gifts that God gives to His own
Do differ from each other
So none of us should them disown
But with them help each other.

No gift I have to praise the Lord
To help sing songs in one accord,
But thought I can not help them sing
My heartfelt with in words I bring.

When once on earth I'll be no more,
My soul has passed on other Shore,
This book on earth I then will leave
Perhaps some blessings some receive

And by those words remember me
When I am in Eternity.

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