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Titus2 Ministries is a 16-page newsletter published four times a year for the purpose of connecting women in the Apostolic Christian Church - older and younger, single, married, and widows, newlyweds to just-celebrated-50-or-60-or-70-years, those with many children and those with no children, young mothers to empty-nesters. In the spirit of Titus 2, we can learn from one another, especially those older than us, and be encouraged in our faith and calling in this life. In Titus2, you'll find personal testimonies, spiritual reminders and encouragement, articles about caring for your family's physical well-being, perspectives on educating children, humorous takes on real life, recipes, techniques and tips on decorating and caring for our homes, counseling articles on specific issues (i.e., anger management), and more.


To subscribe, please send an email to: editor.titus2@gmail.com  Be sure to mention you heard about them from Melt the Heart!



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