To My Redeemer CD by Various

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Men's 4-part harmony, sung with a piano - well-known hymn selections!


 1. Lord Jesus Thou Art King


 2. The Resurrection From Baptism


 3. Pure And Holy Love


 4. Gods Divine Compassion


 5. He Will Hide Me


 6. Jesus Immanuel


 7. Our Happy Lot


 8. The Lord Is My Shepherd


 9. My Redeemer


 10. Father Son and Holy Ghost


 11. Behold The Lamb Of God


 12. Abiding In Jesus


 13. Moment By Moment


 14. Golgatha


 15. To My Redeemer


 16. Desire for Jesus Likeness


 17. O I Love To Talk With Jesus


 18. Held In His Mighty Arms


 19. The Image Of Christ


 20. Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus


 21. Approach To The Throne Of God


 22. Christ The Resurrected


 23. My Savior First Of All


 24. Abide With Us


 25. Twill Not Be Long

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