You Shall Go Out with Joy CD by Lebanon County Youth Chorus

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 1. Worthy of Praise


 2. My God and King


 3. This Is My Song to Thee


 4. He Already Sees


 5. Walking Through the Flames


 6. Lord Sanctify Me Wholly


 7. Face to Face


 8. Even So Lord Jesus


 9. With Wings as Eagles


 10. Heavens Joy Awaits


 11. Going Home


 12. How Can You Not Know


 13. Be Still My Soul


 14. Lord For Thy Tender Mercies Sake


 15. What Can Wash Away My Sin


 16. Jesus Our Lord is Risen Today


 17. Day of Arising


 18. Be With Me


 19. Do Not Be Afraid


 20. You Shall Go Out With Joy


 21. Beautiful Isle of Somewhere


 22. City of Gold

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