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In this dramatic story, James teaches his fifteen-year-old daughter Mary all the principles of godliness through his flowers. But after facing false accusations and the penalty of death, Mary is tested to see whether her father’s staunch faith can be hers. Mary will never forget her father’s words: “It is better to die for the truth than to live for a lie,” and “The worst pillow to sleep on is the pillow of a guilty conscience.” 

Be prepared for an emotional roller coaster as you encounter the multi-faceted characters who make up this exciting drama: deceitful and self-seeking Helen, weak-hearted Amos, compassionate Elijah, faithful Amelia, the curious countess, vicious Juliette, an unwavering judge, a wicked prisoner, and most of all, James. This all-star cast will bring to light the undeniable truth that God will never leave us nor forsake us.

Suggested Ages: 9-14 yrs
Length: 2 hrs 

Customer Reviews from the publisher's website as of 10-1-2015:

Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Like Happy Endings 
From Anonymous of Malone, New York on 8/8/2015.

We enjoyed this story. The strong message of integrity and faith in God were a refreshing change from mainstream media. Thank you for the wonderful dramas produced by Lamplighter Theatre and thank you to the actors!

Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Exceptional! 
From Trisha of Sunfield, Michigan on 1/2/2015.

This story is excellent, and reminds us of how God will reward us for our truthfulness, and faithfulness. And that the seeds we are sowing today in our children's lives will remain planted there long after we are no longer with them.

Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating We love it! 
From Melody Gentry of Knoxville, Tennessee on 12/15/2014.

We love all the Lamplighter Audios. This one was just as good and sweet as the rest!

Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Incredible Message On Truth 
From Anonymous of tyler, Texas on 10/14/2014.

This story took a childhood lesson to always tell the truth no matter the consequences (for the truth will prove itself in the end) and put it into the most beautiful setting. We used this as a discussion of the early Christians and their determination to stick to God's truth regardless of the consequences. We highly recommend it for all the young ladies in your life.

Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Excellent Dramatization! 
From David Fry of Rochester, Minnesota on 8/6/2014.

Excellent Dramatization of the book. I was able to note some discrepancies between the book and the CD but they didn't really take away from the message of the story. Would highly recommend to others!

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Age Range:
9-14 yrs
Approx Time:
2 hrs
Christoph von Schmid
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