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Kidnapped by Algerian pirates, our recent graduate Anselmo finds himself on a merciless slave ship heading to the auction block in a foreign country. Having escaped the cruelty of his first master and the death grip of the desert, Anselmo is taken captive by a new master, where he finds mercy as well as condemnation. This dramatic rendition of The Captive will whisk you into a world where the clash between Islam and Christianity brings certain destruction and death. But everything changes when Anselmo begins teaching the words of Jesus, as his life speaks louder than his words.

Suggested Ages: 9-14
Approx Time: 2 hrs, 2 cds


Customer reviews from the publisher's website as of 10-1-2015:

Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Negative Rating Different than the book 
From Tracy of Boise, Idaho on 8/20/2015.

Lamplighters are our family's favorite audio dramas. We listened to every one many times over and they still entertain! A word of caution: this is the only audio drama that varies greatly from the book. My daughters were disappointed in the "extra" scenes. Given this small observation, it is still a fabulous dramatized story!

Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Captivating Story! 
From Joshua Basile of Arrowbear, California on 7/20/2015.

This was a great audio! My parents bought this for me, my brother, and my sister to listen to on a road trip. There were so many places in the drama where we were on the edge of our chairs. Thank you for this wonderful drama, Lamplighter.

Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Highly Recommended 
From Beverly of Boise, Idaho on 3/13/2015.

This is the first audio drama we have bought from Lamplighter. It is very well done. My children LOVED the story. It is so wonderful to have captivating stories for all ages, but most importantly that they build character and point children to Christ!

Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Excellent 
From AC of Anderson, South Carolina on 1/28/2015.

Very Thought provoking .....awesome presentation

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Age Range:
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2 hrs, 2 CDs
Christoph von Schmid
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