Faith to Carry On CD by The King Family

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Mennonite a cappella family sings hymns to offer hope and faith to carry on.  Very beautiful, solemn and reverent.  An encouraging cd at any time of life, and especially appropriate to offer encouragement to those suffering trial, hardship, or loss.

CLICK to listen to songs: Faith to Carry On - Sample

1. Worthy of Praise
2. Father In Thy Mysterious Presence Kneeling
3. Deep Deep Love
4. My God Is Near
5. Joy Comes in the Morning
6. Children of the Heavenly Father
7. Like a Child
8. Blessed Are They
9. My Father Watches Over Me
10. Fear Not Tomorrow
11. Tell The Mountain
12. Glory, Glory, Hallelujah
13. While Ages Roll
14. Bright New World
15. Sunrise
16. Faith to Carry On

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