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The Hidden Hand Sets 1 and 2, 6 CDs with 6 hours of audio
Volume 1
The rugged hills of western Virginia hid many secrets in the days of the Old South. Gruff, elderly gentlemen like Old Hurricane ruled their plantations like kings, and thieves preyed on unwary travelers. Secrets abound in this masterpiece by E.D.E.N. Southworth. You will be delighted and thrilled as God's own hidden hand moves the lives of rascals and heroes alike to work His plan for good. Young Capitola begins life under a dark and mysterious cloud, but her fiery enthusiasm for life and adventure turns Old Hurricane and his entire plantation upside-down. Scalawags and saints beware; Capitola will capture your heart and run away with it.
Volume 2
Part 2 features the suspenseful perils of Capitola that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This adapted audio version has been altered to highlight God’s redemptive power as one of the most important themes. Another added feature underscores the heroic acts of an abused servant who will win the day and win your heart. This scene is a Godsend for our times and has a commanding message that gives real hope and direction to the maligned, mistreated, and exploited. Be prepared for an adventure where you will experience God bringing 12 people to the end of themselves so that they can trust in the Hidden Hand of God!

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From Anonymous of Franklin, Massachusetts on 6/24/2021.

I was so excited to see how big this set was-I love listening to these audiobooks. I had some difficulty with this one however because of all the yelling and name calling done by the Major. I almost stopped listening but I wanted to see what would happen. I trust Lamplighter to provide quality Godly products with a lesson so I hoped I would not be disappointed and I wasn’t. So many seemingly impossible situations worked out by the hidden hand of God! I couldn’t wait to put the next cd in. Definitely be aware that if you’ve had issues with someone who was a loud yeller and name caller that some parts may be hard to get through- but in the end you’ll be glad you continued to listen.

Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Hidden Hand
From Darea Rrivera of Del Rio, Texas on 6/22/2021.

We own very dramatized Audio CD you make and highly recommend them. They are the best quality. You feel like you are right in the middle of the stories. They are strong values, but not preachy. Always something to learn from them. I have listened to them all over and over again, and never tire of them or their strong godly messages. They're super engaging! Always look forward to the next ones coming out. Buried in the Snow, The Hedge of Thorns, The Wanderer, and Charlie's Choice, the Captive, The Boy of Mount Rhigi, The Basket of Flowers, The Robber's Cave are my favorites.

Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Highly Recommend!
From Anonymous of Annville, Pennsylvania on 6/22/2021.

One of my favorite stories! Keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time!

Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating The Hidden Hand
From Katie Leigh of Los Angeles, California on 6/22/2021.

Amazing and intriguing-if I do say so myself!

Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Hidden Hand
From Anonymous of Chino Valley, Arizona on 6/22/2021.

My daughter and I very much enjoyed the 'Hidden Hand.' I like the fact that circumstances took some of the characters in a different direction for their lives but they never gave up hope nor became bitter, but continued to trust God.

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E.D.E.N. Southworth
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