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**(MUST FIRST COMPLETE PIANO TEACHER TRAINING - Precious Piano - Teacher Training )**

THE NEW TEACHER'S KIT includes the following: Teacher Chart, Haydn's Surprise Symphony and Fur Elise (sheet music), Flashcards on thick paper, Wright Way Note Finder, Slide-A-Note, 2 sets of Songbook 1 & Songbook 2 (one for teacher, one for student), Chords/Scales/Cadences Book, Flashcards & Drill Book, Practice Notebook (select either 50 or 100 lesson plan format) and progress book. This complete set provides a Teacher set, plus material for one family/student; teacher will be reimbursed all except around $70 of this set as students purchase the materials. (Individual supplies can be purchased after the initial Teacher Kit purchase as needed for additional students or families.)

Items purchased as a kit are about 10% cheaper than purchasing items individually. 

Welcome to Precious Piano Teacher Training!

After you complete the Precious Piano - Teacher Training, you will receive your certificate and order this New Teacher Kit.  Congratulations! At that point, you will be prepared to embark on a new sideline career as a piano teacher. You have in your toolkit your materials plus knowledge of how to use those materials. When you hear of someone interested, you can send them your piano policy. If more than one student or more than one family is interested, you will need to order the additional materials listed under “for each family” and “for each student.” You will also need to organize and arrange your materials, as outlined below.

Before each lesson, you will prepare in several ways. You will use your copy of the Precious Piano - Songbook 1 and Precious Piano - Songbook 2 and read any instructions and be sure you know how to play the songs in it. You will use the Precious Piano - Teacher Chart to know what theory or other music tasks the student will be learning next, according to their initials on the Chart. Next you will gather whatever materials you need to teach the tasks in the Chart, which may include flashcards from your set of Flashcards. If, according to the Chart, the student will be learning some new staff notes, you will want to have handy your Precious Piano - Wright-Way Note Finder and also use the related drill. But you don’t have to have ready the drill because it will already be in the family’s  Precious Piano - Flashcards & Drills that the student will have with their music (or be in with their sibling’s music). If, according to the Chart, the student will be playing any chord’s, scales, or cadences, you will also use the Precious Piano - Chords, Scales & Cadences, but you don’t have to remember to take or have that ready either because the student already has that book.

During the lesson, the student’s Precious Piano - Practice Notebook - 50 LESSONS (also available as Precious Piano - Practice Notebook - 100 LESSONS) will be your guide as you listen to what they were assigned last week, give feedback, write down their assignment for the following week in each category, and write the initials of the days of the week at the top of the page. Students will use their Precious Piano - Songbook 1 and Precious Piano - Songbook 2, but also use something such as “Dozen a Day” for exercises, an Alfred or Bastien or Schaum book for their method book, something such as Suzuki for their Classics/Solo piece, and a hymn book for their hymn assignment. The song(s) they are reviewing and the song(s) they are memorizing will be from any of the above books. At some point, their Classics/Solo piece will be either Haydn's Surprise Symphony or Fur Elise, the two classics provided as Precious Piano sheet music. Be sure that the student’s materials are kept in a piano bag with a special place to keep their flashcards.

During the lesson you will also occasionally grade a piece, or give a grade for the lesson. You will need to remember to give the parent a bill if it is the end of the month (or whenever your billing cycle is). Use the student’s Precious Piano - Progress Book to fill in a key for tasks mastered from the Teacher Chart or mark off hymns played on the Hymn Charts.

To learn more about the Precious Piano Teaching system and view the full line of materials available, click here: Precious Piano

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