Good Taste Vol 1 MP3 Download by Melt the Heart - Various

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A Delicious Variety - 18 Flavors of Christian Music, 20 Songs

A delicious variety of God-honoring Christian music, including a cappella, accompanied singing, instrumental, men's groups, women's groups, and family groups.  A great way to taste 18 different flavors of music groups!  This album is the first in a series.   

100% is donated to charity

Each music group has partnered with Melt the Heart to donate 100% of net proceeds to charity.  The selected charity from now until April 30, 2016 is Midwest Food Bank, a nonprofit which feeds the hungry in the USA and abroad.  MFB is an outstanding charity, which now has the #1 rating among food banks nationally at Charity Navigator.  To learn more about this mission, please visit or read more below.

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  Song Titles   Music Available Music Group Music Type
1 I Believe - The Apostle's Creed, which is an early Christian statement of belief, beautifully set to song My Last Move CD 7 Sisters in Song Women's Group
2 Never Been A Love - Written by one of the family members, this hymn lauds the depth of God's love, and also has an incredible bass solo you have to hear to believe The Light Of That City CD The Harbor Lights Family Group
3  That Lonesome Valley - A somber reflection on the going through the valley of life, as the bass and tenor keep pace 'walking' throughout the hymn; all 4 parts sung by Erik  Deliverance Has Come CD  Hertzel, Erik  Men's Group
 Praise Him, Praise Him - Peaceful and relaxing piano arrangement, accompanied by guitar makes this a great song for children while playing or sleeping    

Climb Sunshine Mountain CD downarrow.jpg MP3 Ablum

 Zimmerman, Melissa & Kelson, Paula  Instrumental
 Naaman - The story of Naaman comes alive, while being narrated and sung with a variety of vocals and instruments; from the text 2 Kings 5:1-15    Bible Stories - KJV, Set to Song  Singables - KJV Scripture Songs  Accompanied Singing
 On Jordan's Stormy Banks - This family has a unique, pleasing sound as the tenor leads, lending a lower-pitched fullness to this well-known hymn  

 The Lighthouse CD 

downarrow.jpg MP3 Album

 Smucker Family  Family Group
 The Family That Prays - A lovely picture of family peace and harmony, when it is founded on Jesus' love & prayers; encouraging!    The King is Coming CD  Mountain Melodies  Women's Group
 8  Christian Greetings-Walking With God - Beautiful crescendos and blending of instruments on the keyboard make these hymns from the Zion's Harp majestic and stirring  

 Walking With God CD

 downarrow.jpg MP3 Album

 Zion's Harp Instrumental  Instrumental
 If Ye Continue Ye Shall Know the Truth - An easy way to memorize scripture!  All verses from the KJV  

 Truth CD

 downarrow.jpg MP3 Album

 Singables - KJV Scripture Songs  Accompanied Singing
10  Trusting Jesus - These sister's voices blend well, and effortlessly flow through several beautiful key transitions; an excellent, well-known hymn   

 Living For Jesus CD

 downarrow.jpg MP3 Album

 Schrenk Sisters  Women's Group
11   Free Waters - This cheerful song-invitation bids all to come to the fountain free; youth and adults blend voices with guitar accompaniament    We Have This Moment Today  Various  Mixed Chorus
12  For God So Loved The World - One of the most well-known scriptures, St. John 3:16, resounds the message of love and hope.  Beautiful choir singing this verse, with compassion and grace!  

 All Good Gifts CD 

downarrow.jpg MP3 Album

 Prairie ChoristersPrairie Choristers  Choir Mixed Group
13  Blessed Redeemer - A well-rounded, familiar hymn is sung from the heart of this family; simple and enjoyable family singing    Broken Things CD  The Kauffman Family  Family Group
14  The Lord Will Provide - A truly beautiful and full sound played on a digital and acoustic piano, this hymn is such an encouragement    Redeemed CD  Cottrell, Judy & Beutel, Heather  Instrumental
15  No Night There - Be still and consider what awaits the true believer - peace and joy forever in heaven!  A talented blend of men's voices    Songs Of Home CD  Midwest Brothers  Men's Group
16  Christ Liveth In Me - A stirring depiction of the joyful change in a heart, when Christ lives there!  Sung by a full chorus   

 Under His Wings CD 

downarrow.jpg MP3 Album

 Mountain Anthems  Mixed Chorus
17   To God Be The Glory - A multitude of men's voices blend in singing praise to God's glory!  The message of praise is amplified and embodied by a sea of voices    Rejoice The LORD is King CD  Apostolic Christian Men's Sing  Men's Group
18  The Lord by Wisdom - So many 'gems' in God's word are captured in Proverbs!  An easy way to memorize KJV scripture and keep these treasures hidden in your heart    Proverbs to Ponder, Singables Vol 15 CD  Singables - KJV Scripture Songs  Accompanied Singing
19   Confidence - A peaceful and confident rendition of this favorite Zion's Harp hymn; the full string orchestra, complimented with french horns, is very nicely done    Sunlight in My Soul CD  50 Apostolic Christian Musicians  Instrumental
20 I Will Strive Here That I'll Live There - Perfect harmonies accompanied by peaceful piano playing, makes this trio of women's voices very pleasing in this encouraging hymn  I'll Be Home Before Dark Schlarb Sisters Women's Group


Selected Charity: Midwest Food Bank

As a faith based organization it is the mission of Midwest Food Bank to alleviate hunger and poverty by gathering and distributing food donations to not-for-profits and disaster sites without cost to the recipients.

"Our hope is to bridge the gap between prosperity and poverty in our community." - David Kieser, Founder & President

Midwest Food Bank (MFB), a faith-based, non-denominational nonprofit 501 (c) (3) charitable organization, was started in 2003 when the Kieser family began providing food out of a barn on their family farm.  MFB began by serving about 10 food pantries in McLean County, Illinois.

After Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in 2005, Midwest Food Bank decided to help.  Days after the storm hit, we took the first load of food and supplies to Hattiesburg, MS. 

We were asked by The Salvation Army to bring ten more loads to meet the needs of the populace. By June, 2007, we had taken 130 loads of food and supplies to the Gulf Coast.

The amount of food we distribute has steadily grown over the years as we strive to fight hunger.  We receive donated food from food manufacturers, distributors, grocers, community and organizational food drives, and from individual donors. Today, we operate from six large warehouses in Illinois, Indiana, Georgia, and Florida. International operations started in 2014 in Kenya, Africa! 

Our locations in the Midwest, South, and overseas allow for us to serve over 900 non-profit organizations while also maintaining a ready posture to come to the aid of those affected by regional or national disasters. We distribute over $6.85 million in food each month. Midwest Food Bank functions today as it did at its founding: a faith-based community organization consisting of hundreds of volunteers, generous donors, and corporate partners, all operating to serve those in need.


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